the fourteen stations of the cross  

a music - video - theater play
man   Brice Soniano
god   Gloribel Hernandez
lucifer   Rianne Berendsen
storyteller   Chuck Deely
choir  QuodLibet
conducted by   Helmut Riebl
organ  Anita Tomasevic
written and directed by   Mendel Hardeman
music   Mendel Hardeman, J S Bach, Pink Floyd
duration  2h10'

  "There are no Gods or Angels in this story. Only very human humans, who live and struggle in the beauty of their own imperfection."       > read more

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Via Crucis - cover picture

◊ Caress

◊ Kyrie Eleison


◊ a Tree for Glenn Gould

◊ Mann mit Kreuz

◊ Via Crucis

◊ The Cup

◊ Epilogue to Orpheus

◊ Harpsichorpheus

◊ Sysif's Song

◊ Dark Blue Horizon

◊ Times and Tides

◊ Unholy Vessels



◊ 7 short attempts to
    write a piece for violin

◊ Reveal thyself Alighieri

◊ Last days of a cross

◊ A Última Quimera

◊ the Singing Camera

◊ Het Dierenparadijs

◊ Tattooed Tongues

◊ Slowly turning narrative

◊ Planecrash

◊ A View on Beauty
Mendel Hardeman archiv 1999-2006
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