A View on Beauty   2000

a Korzo production
music  Patrick Clark
video  Mendel Hardeman
objects & technique  Patrick Clark,
objecttechniqueMendel Hardeman,
objecttechniqueMarc Bering,
objecttechniqueGerard van de Ende
original format  installation with sound, video and moving objects.
size  6 X 5 meters

  "Instead of the broken motor we got some people to pull the chain, which was very heavy. They were standing behind a partition, but one could hear them counting and sighing and getting exhausted."       > read more

> see still pictures from the video

a View on Beauty - cover picture

◊ Caress

◊ Kyrie Eleison


◊ a Tree for Glenn Gould

◊ Mann mit Kreuz

◊ Via Crucis

◊ The Cup

◊ Epilogue to Orpheus

◊ Harpsichorpheus

◊ Sysif's Song

◊ Dark Blue Horizon

◊ Times and Tides

◊ Unholy Vessels



◊ 7 short attempts to
    write a piece for violin

◊ Reveal thyself Alighieri

◊ Last days of a cross

◊ A Última Quimera

◊ the Singing Camera

◊ Het Dierenparadijs

◊ Tattooed Tongues

◊ Slowly turning narrative

◊ Planecrash

◊ A View on Beauty
Mendel Hardeman archiv 1999-2006
singendes auge