Reveal thyself Alighieri   2000

a stage performance for 6-channel sound, video,
    2 slide-projectors, actor and falling sand
music  Ludwig van Beethoven,
music  Mendel Hardeman, a.o.
with recordings of  Claudia Mejía Florez, Marcella
with recordings of  Prieto, Mendel Hardeman, a.o.
video, stage direction  Mendel Hardeman
camera  Maria Schina
with  Adriana Mejía  as Dante Alighieri

  "A surreal dream driven by the Funeral March of Beethoven's Eroica, where Dante Alighieri is lost in the Hell of Hieronymus Bosch's 'Garden of Earthly Delights'...."       > read more

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> hear the music     ( 17'35",  16.1 MB )

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    Volkskrant, 10 april 2000
Reveal thyself Alighieri - cover picture

◊ Caress

◊ Kyrie Eleison


◊ a Tree for Glenn Gould

◊ Um Homem e uma Cruz

◊ Via Crucis

◊ The Cup

◊ Epilogue to Orpheus

◊ Harpsichorpheus

◊ Sysif's Song

◊ Dark Blue Horizon

◊ Times and Tides

◊ Unholy Vessels



◊ 7 short attempts to
    write a piece for violin

◊ Reveal thyself Alighieri

◊ Last days of a cross

◊ A Última Quimera

◊ the Singing Camera

◊ Het Dierenparadijs

◊ Tattooed Tongues

◊ Slowly turning narrative

◊ Planecrash

◊ A View on Beauty
Mendel Hardeman arquivo 1999-2006
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